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DocURLife: A branch of AMO Productions focused on creating media that documents individuals’ lives; non-profit and non-government organization appeals for awareness and fundraising; and business brand identity. Our team will work with yours to create a video that tells a story – your story – in a humanistic, positive and thought-provoking way.

In our time of widespread information access, telling your story – selling your story – in a board room, at a conference, during an event fundraiser, on your Web site or You Tube is critical.  DocURLife is an impressive way to document your story no matter what your perspective is.  AMO Productions’ capability runs the gamut: Whether you want to bring to life a family history, an artist’s work, a food bank’s appeal for contributions, or an interior design firm’s showcase, our experts will find the right tone and create an original piece that meets your varied needs.

Most importantly, AMO Productions is equipped to work within your budget. We can handle the entire documentary process, including writing, conducting interviews, shooting and editing. Or the client can provide existing video footage, and other media and collateral information, and we will work with that material to create a terrific piece.  There are many ways to DocURLife and we are eager to work with you!

DocURLife has and will continue to document a vast array of individuals, organizations and businesses of all kinds. Important stories are plentiful, they are everywhere, and they are waiting to be told. You have a story too, and we can tell it...

Take a look at some of our sample works below:

Infinite Family, a program creating "virtual family" connections with children in Africa, many of whom have lost their real familiy members, looked to AMO Productions to create a cohesive video from footage they had already shot. DocUrLife worked with what they had, added more original video and created a work that could showcase the program and the many advantages to participants on both sides of the world...


DocUrLife documents the Fresh and Green Academy, a not-for-profit school in Ethiopia, funded in part by American flight attendants who have found a way to make a difference!


DocUrLife loves creating personal documentaries highlighting entire families or special family members --

The video below is an exerpt from a longer 40th Anniversary Tribute video for Lou & Lindy Offer:

AMO Productions worked with existing footage from the family, and then completed a documentary short about Mr. Elbert Peagler in honor of his life.  Take a look at a clip below...


Anne Marie Offer was proud to be part of the 21st Century Partnership in Education offering after-school workshops in video production to New York City schoolchildren. The students, who were able to work on all levels of production with professionals, completed several PSAs and shows that Ms. Offer aired on “Something to Offer.”


DocURLife was asked to create a promotional video for John Jay College ’s SEEK Department.  Taking rough footage provided by the institution, we wrote copy, interviewed, shot and edited the following video:


  DocURLife created promotional videos for Applause Theatre Tickets...



There are many ways to DocURLife. Contact us
to get your project started!

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