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Sister Servant: A Call to Commitment, film, documentary

What people are saying about the film:

"I want you to know I learned a lot about Humanity From your Film."
David Hartman, Film Professor, Walla Walla State University
Sweet Onion Film Festival Documentary Judge  

"The film is superb on so many levels -- I was impressed, moved and truly humbled by these women and their story. I taught for over 35 years and my efforts can’t compare to these women.  Amazing!" 
Steven Weinstein, Retired Teacher, NYC

“Anne Marie You ruined my sleep last nite! 
I couldn’t fall asleep thinking about it.”
Norma Novak Actress, Educator/Fine Artist

“Beautiful, What a thrill. Nuns are the original career Women.”
Mindy Sorken, President & Founder, The Running Center

Director's Notes

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