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Anne Marie began performing her poetry in August, 2001.  Finding more and more confidence in voicing her own written work, and believing that she had a message to share, she produced two performances at Restaurant 1050 in New York.  Over the next several years she expanded these performances, incorporating other actors as well.  Venues included Shelter Studio Theatre in NY, Havana Bay Cafe in NJ, and several NYC public libraries.  Her work has been published in Signifyn Harlem, and she has performed with other poets at the Schomburg Library in Harlem.  In 2003 she produced Soul Jam, a poetry and music collaboration with other poets.  She has lectured and read her work at various schools and colleges.

Her performance pieces with poetry are very urban in nature, and the casts are always multi-ethnic and multi-generational.  Actors have included Justine Cox, Carla Brothers, Suzanne Jackson, Phyllis Bash, Joyce Lyons, Bev Ritchie, Elizabeth(Chachi) Hueska, Kalimi Baxter, Rhondi Miller,  Myuki Tajonera and Federica Baldan.  Audiences have likened the pieces to For Colored Girls, and The Vagina Monologues.


Anne Marie enjoys giving seminars on poetry and its possibilities for staging, concluding with a performance of her work.  She looks forward to working with your school or organization in developing pieces that suit your needs, as well as incorporating your students or members in the performance.  Please contact her through the Contact page, and begin to explore the possibilities together...


The poetry listed below is a very brief sampling of her work over the years...



Early one morning after making
    it through the subway turnstile to wait
for a train, a route I used to take
    I noticed a moving object
making its way, rambling through
    the station

If it had been the desert out west
    it might have been a tumbleweed
Not clear what I was seeing
                a small person?
                an extra large rodent?

In Manhattan it could be anything!

My eyes finally get a clear view
    itís a black plastic Bag
         full of air
meandering and dancing
    strolling low to the ground
deciding whether or not
           to take the train
                I guess
Next thing I see is it makes
its way to the turnstile.

I then wonder
    where is it going?
    who itís going to see?
          where itís been?
    where itís going?
Is there any Knowing in this Bag?
    that space, time and the elements
have given life to

after all itís just a plastic
    Bag (which at the moment is awake)
          that most throw away
Not today
     Itís another passenger
         for the MTA
or perhaps it will meet
    its end on the tracks
Not sure what the
           outcome will be
Itís only what I see
           A bagís Life

Does anyone see
    Or was its journey Just For Me
Observing life
                Is better than TV
      Itís Re-al-li-tee!




Excuse me,
          Who you calliní a HOE?
          Donít go
No Mo the Hoe
          Do you know a Hoe?
Itís a tool to till the soil
          Not used to Disrespect
                    Condemn or Judge
                              Any woman
Not a place for you to go to get off

          And then say ďTHAT HOEĒ

It can aid in fertilizing the soil
          But a hoe is a hoe


          As NO MO

     Can you throw

The HOE word around

          You cheapen the universe

Itís Not Good

So, unless you pick
                  up the tool and till the soil

You better zip the lip
                            And the Pants

                  Cause the HOE is your Belief

No Hoe No Hoe
               Somewhere above
But never a proper
                               Or improper name
So the next time
      You feel those words
            Ready to roll
            Go to the mirror
                             And let it Flow
Cause you speak of yourself
           LIFE is a Mirror
Watch it or youíll end up
           Damaged Goods
                                RESPECT MUST BE PAID!




Summer is the time of growth,
When nature reaches itís highest peak.
The sunís warm light makes nature grow.

Autumn is natureís old age.
The leaves turn brown,
Then they fall to the ground.

Winter is the time of death.
Everything is cold and wet.
Nature seems to be numb
Or in a deep sleep.

Spring is natureís reborn time.
Little sparks of life appear,
Buds on trees, or blade of grass

We are like the seasons
Changing with the times.
Growing up, then dying
To be born to a new life.

Spring 1968


A Hat

Oh the LADIES in their Sunday finery.
Ascot in England Has nothing on these WOMEN
                                                           OF HARLEM
on their way to Praise and Worship.

They Honor their lives
                their being
                    in their appearance
                                   their Style.
They exude pure DIGNITY, Self-Respect, Honor and FREEDOM

FREEDOM from the History of abuse, misuse, use
FREEDOM from being a possession.

SELF-Empowerment was the power needed to move
                 these lives from the Destruction of Ego

                           WHITE EGO!
You Can Take That and STICK IT
          Cause youíll never have
                                    the HOLD
                                    the CHAINS
                                    the SHACKLES
over these WOMEN any more.

They have Found their Strength in FAITH
                                    in PRAYER
                                               in SONG.

Their ďGreat GreatsĒ had to Hang on to Hope and BELIEVE
                                                     in the DIVINE
Order of Life
        that they were EQUAL
                            if not SUPERIOR
to those who tried to blow out their FLAME
                                            their Passion.
An impossible mission



So these Lovely Ladies, these WOMEN among WOMEN
          Honor themselves and their
At their call to Worship,

           Itís a beautiful thing to observe
Itís a beautiful thing to know these individuals
                                             CAN RISE and MOVE FORWARD.

In spite of Who or What tries to
                            drag them into the WORLD of
darkness, disregard, disrespect, disenfranchised, displaced, disgruntled

             You cannot DIS these WOMEN
                   cause theyíre ALL HOOKED UP.

You couldnít BLOW UP their SPOT if you tried.

They have self-respect and human dignity as their guide,
                                                        Resulting in Pride.

These WOMEN are ROYAL as they make their way to Worship.

           All the History
                  The Mystery
Floods in
        We must Never Forget
What brought us to where WE ARE.

These WOMEN are our call to Recognize, Acknowledge, Honor
         And Keep in Check
                         Respect of Self and Others.
        Get with the Program
NO ONE will Keep US down again.

         Never give YOUR power away
                Use it to heal you,
   Your family, your neighbors, your community, your country,
your nation, your world and the Universe.

Cause what these Hats
             these WOMEN who sport these HATS

                                         THEY RIIISSSSE!!!!

            We must remember many that have yet to find the way
                                                                     to RISE!!!
As Ego Power Driven beings continue to
                                            Stamp Out
Yet there is hope the
                   Sun will Rise!
Itís Sunday and signs of a New Day and
                                         Life Rising is EVERYWHERE.

            Who Knew all that
                           Could be embodied in a





ďIím Late, Iím Late
           for a very important Ö.Ē
Iím not the White Rabbit and this
           is not a childrenís story
from Lewis Carrolís imagination
           This is REAL
Iím Late
           Really Late
Iím Late for the Adventures
           of meee!!
Iím Late because Iím Late because
           Iím Late.
Late for work, for school, for the bus,
For workouts, for meetings, rehearsals,
For friends, family appointments and dates.

Iím Late; Iím Late yes Iím Late
  I HATE that Iím Late
That anyone or thing
     Should have to WAIT
         Because Iím Late.

Late creates lack of trust, disrespect
  And arrogance
           My time is more important
Than yours?

I donít think Soooo!
             Iím Late you betcha
     Iím Late.

      One could make up stories
See if youíd fall for the Bait.
      I know I aggravate those who
Wait and Wait.

While Iím busy squeezing, doing,
running and cramming things in just to
FILL every second not waste time.

       So the result is you WAIT.

     I have disrespected and disregarded
your lifeóyour journey



     Your existence
Diminishes your need violates

Your time Your space
Late keeps me Late
  Lets my Punisher have

     Full REIGN

  Keeps the adrenaline pumping
in my veins

            LATE LATE

Hate the LATENESS in


Long to drop it.
     There are no tricks to on time
When youíre late
            Late perpetuates self

A cycle of repetition

       Hope itís not too LATE
         To create a different MO

You See I am Late, Iím Late for
  a very important date.


Iíve made you wait.
     I aggravate

Iím Late Iím Later for life!


Let me get this straight

      Iím Late!


      Iím Late!

Hope to get this Straight
   Lest I remain Late
for Life
          Mine and


Itís never too Late
                      to Rewrite the story







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