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“Good television, to me, is television that informs, 
entertains, inspires and educates.”
-- Anne Marie Offer


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appeared on Something to Offer over the past 28 years !!!


Each week, Something to Offer depicts the true story of entrepreneurs representing various business, professional and artistic endeavors. The discussion focuses on the genesis of their dream. This includes the obstacles faced, successes conquered and the joy of making their dream a reality.


Now in its 27th year of production, Something to Offer has enjoyed continual success, a longevity which is rare in television’s 'here-today-gone-tomorrow' environment. Former guests include the internationally recognized activist Rosa Parks, Academy Award winning actress Olympia Dukakis, former New York Mayor Edward I. Koch, Lionel Hampton, Linda Dano, Stedman Graham, and New York Senator Geraldine Ferraro.  Lesser recognized, but equally significant guests include a seven year old television sports announcer, an eighty-two year old photographer, independent film makers, fashion designers, renowned chefs, physicians, authors and even postal workers.


Something to Offer is a tribute to the concept of the American Dream, and to those who embody the positive aspects contained in that dream.  It offers what Anne Marie has often described as “a real and tangible example of people at their best, highlighting the unique courage and spirit of those who fulfill their impossible dreams.”  It airs on Saturday evening at 7:30 PM on channel 56 in Manhattan. Although most of the shows are shot in New York, the talk show has been on location in Michigan, Texas and California.



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